Who are we?

WindermereWebWorks.com was set-up as a result of the lockdown following the Covid-19 pandemic. Now is the perfect time to implement changes to increase profits and reduce carbon footprints using WordPress and the cloud.

Hi I’m Paul McGowran and for 25 years I have consulted with businesses of every size in many different sectors. All my experience of consulting has exposed me to just about every scenario you can possible imagine. A key lesson I have drawn from my experience is that change is absolutely essential to business success. There can be no such state as business as usual.

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Why Windermere Web Works?

Change can come in two forms, forced or unforced. The lockdown mean business must change. However, the nature of the change you choose to implement is of course up to you. Change you will, though, if you want to survive!

At WindermereWebWorks we focus on integrating the processes our clients use in their business. Sounds fancy but ultimately, it is about looking at what you do to process your transactions and finding ways to ensure that once an order is generated on your website we can track that all the way through your systems. Just imagine…a customer places an order on your website and you can see the receipt in your bank account on your accounting system…with no additional inputting.

For decades society has talked about the paperless office, whilst some progress has been made, largely in our experience we are still surrounded by the stuff. With the onset of Covid-19 and remote working as a result of lockdown, change has happened. What a great opportunity to look at how businesses operate and finally make the progress towards paperless that is actually possible.

WindermereWebWorks are not here to create stunning graphics, state of the art software development or anything like that. We assist our clients maximise their profits, maximise their productivity and create thriving businesses, whilst at the same time massively reducing their carbon footprint. Remote working, cloud based records and accounting systems, integrated web and inventory systems. The time is now to, lets get busy changing.

Pragmatic, Honest and Reliable are our three core values.