Digital Marketing…Where are you heading?

When folk talk about Digital Marketing what do they actually mean?

Having a great WordPress website is just the start of your digital marketing journey. There are as many options open to you now as there tube lines and stations on the London Underground. The simple question we like to ask is, where are you now and where do you want to get to? This will open up your route to take and the mix of different tube lines and stations involved.  Each journey will involve a different mix, having someone by your side that can help you see the bigger map makes a big difference.

Digital Marketing

What’s most important to your business?

Your digital marketing strategy will contain different components, whether you sell to businesses (B2B) or consumers (B2C) or maybe a mix of both will have a direct impact on your strategy.

  • You might be looking to collect subscribers to a mailing list via your WordPress site or Woocommerce shop.
  • Sending regular newsletters and perhaps a monthly prize draw is a great way to increase engagement levels within your customer base.
  • Perhaps social media and generating followers, likes and shares via Facebook or Instagram is your thing.
  • Alternatively, paid advertising on Google and selling directly via your landing page is your preferred option.

Pulling together your goals and crafting an effective strategy to direct your marketing efforts is always a worthwhile exercise.

Our Digital Marketing services typically include the following:

However you attract customers you want them to stay engaged with you.  Email Marketing & CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems are essential for this.  The best bit is that your WordPress will link seamlessly with these systems.  Capturing visitors to your website is the ideal place to start your relationship with customers.

Integrating your WordPress site to all your Social Media channels instantly connects your business to a wider audience.  The ability to feed social interactions directly into your CRM results in an audience persona being developed.  Just knowing who is interacting with your business is fantastic knowledge.  What if your audience turns out to be completely different to what you though it would be?

The Tube Map is such a fantastic metaphor for Digital Marketing.  If you’re like me, to start with all the colours and zones were totally confusing, then just by using the tube a couple of times it became easier.  Connecting your marketing strategy and your business plan and financial forecasting makes perfect sense.  Some activities cost more than others, but do the cheap or free activities generate the revenue and profits you want?

Let’s face it, there is an 80/20 rule in most things we do, its the Pareto Principle.  This will have an impact on your digital marketing also, there’s no avoiding it.  You’re better off knowing if you’ve invested wisely or just thrown cash away.  Providing you with a truly integrated support service is our goal and analytics and campaign management feeds directly into our other business support services.


Since every business has a different journey on the tube map so each business will receive a different service from us.  There is no fixed fee or standard level of service with this stuff.  What is constant though is our attention and total focus on helping you achieve your outcomes.