We all like a bright sunny day without a cloud in the sky, sometimes though, a cloud is a really good thing! Especially, when that cloud can keep cash in your bank account, don’t you agree? With cloud based document management systems your business can step into a different level of performance. Having a cloud follow you around was once seen as a someone with a bleak outlook on life. Nowadays, having the cloud on your phone or tablet, gives you peace of mind. Isn’t it funny how times change?

Document Management Services

document management in cumbria with windermerewebworks
Thank goodness for Adobe and the PDF!  If ever an invention transformed business potential it is the PDF
Shred that paper, you really do not need to hang on to it!

If you really want to keep hold of your paper, if you’re emotionally attached to it. We’ll store it for you.

Once scanned we can create an online filing cabinet where you can access your paperwork anywhere.

The Document Management Challenge

One of the most common cries we hear when arriving at a new client is, “Can you do anything about all this paper?”

There is usually an anguished look on the face of the person asking the question, because, they have to deal with the mountain of waste on a daily basis and it just seems to grow!  The simple answer is Yes, of course I can.

And so can you.  Armed with a scanner and a shredder that mountain of waste can disappear.  The real question is not can I do anything about it, but, do you really want to let go of it?  Simply scanning the paperwork instantly makes the documents portable and accessible anywhere you want.  However, for most folk, once a document is scanned it finds its way back onto the pile.  Here is the problem!  Shred it, you really do not need it, unless it is an official document and you are required to keep a hard copy.  Even then, once scanned you can put in in a box and store it.  The need for original hard copies to be used is not really an issue…the world and the authorities are moving on.

This is a labour intensive process, its a case of rolling our sleeves up and getting through it. As part of our quest to achieve a paperless office this is the first step. Our Business Support services rely on paper-free integration. From here onwards, life will get a lot easier and straight-forward. You will look back and wonder why it seemed such a mountain to get over.