This is a strange one isn’t it?  We have experience of this where a bespoke wordpress theme or ‘white label’ theme has been supplied and has never been updated or upgraded in line with WordPress upgrades.

As the site owners added an image to one of their galleries, all the existing images in the gallery disappeared.  This was completely puzzling and counter to what they expected.  Where had the existing gallery images gone?  How do you update the galleries with new images?

We were able to solve this problem for this customer.  Just as well really, as the original developer went out of business and the local supplier has no experience or knowledge of WordPress and could not help the customer.

A bespoke wordpress theme or a so-called ‘White Label’ theme is developed with the idea of creating a standard appearance for a wordpress website.  This theme will then be sold many times to similar businesses with minimum effort.  This is not always the best option.  Particularly, if in our experience the developer then goes out of business and offers zero support.

A premium wordpress theme allows you to customise your wordpress website to your unique needs.  A bespoke wordpress theme can restrict your choices when it comes to customising your site.

We provide WordPress Maintenance plans for just this scenario.  All too often users are left in the lurch with no support, left floundering in a sea of confusion.  Please get in touch and let’s chat about how we can help you out.