pencils v integrated accounting systems in cumbria windermerewebworksBack in 1994, when we first started selling integrated accounting systems our biggest competitor was the pencil! Now that competition has been replaced by Excel spreadsheets. Over that time, the best part of 25 years, a lot has changed and it seems a lot has remained the same! While spreadsheets may have finally erased the pencil, the level of integration offered by Excel is no different to that offered by the pencil.

Integrated systems that we’re familiar with

Sage Integrated Accounting
Quickbooks Integrated Accounting
xero integrated accounting

We’ve been helping business integrate their accounting functions for a quarter of a century now. Yes we have lots of experience working with the big three above. Whatever systems your working with we can create a plan that will bring them all together for you.

Online Integrated Accounting

These days, the focus is on integrating your website and your accounting system. This is a where a WordPress website and a woocommerce online shop is a massive benefit. Integration is built in as part of the development of these platforms.

The ability to link revenue codes in your ledger and your woocommerce store is a major boost. As your customers place orders and as you complete them have confidence that your accounting system is updating in the background. This is integration in action.

Take the next step

Integrated Accounting systems do bring significant benefits and yet this doesn’t happen overnight.  Each business is different and hence, the process of integrating different systems is therefore different.  When you contact us to start this process we will do an initial review of your current setup.  Our plan for integrating your accounting systems will flow out of this review.  If additional plugins are needed to complete the integration we will find out as a result of the review.

Once done, the ongoing maintenance and management of your systems is the next crucial step in the process. One option is that we train your employees, we’ve trained hundreds if not thousands over the years, so that’s no problem.  Alternatively, we also offer a monthly maintenance and management service where we play a bigger role in this area for you.  Our management plans offer a fixed monthly fee, making your budgeting and planning easier.