Make changes to my website

Make changes to my website is the number one reason our customers get in touch with us.

Now, if our customers already have a website, this suggests they have a developer that put their site together. Invariably, we find the original developer has left the scene, gone out of business or started a new business. When circumstances change and if you’re not familiar with WordPress you can quite easily hear yourself say, “how can i get someone reliable to make changes to my website?” The answer is you give us a call.

Naturally, being based in Cumbria we work a lot with Cumbrian businesses using WordPress. However, we also work with organisations across the UK that have contacted us asking for help with their WordPress websites.

Just last week we were contacted by a cleaning company, they had paid for a new website from a professional looking business in Cheshire. The problem was this website had not been setup successfully within Google Search. The owner of the cleaning company was frustrated that they were getting zero contact through Google. To make matters worse their developer wanted £325 for every new request for support…despite the customer already paying a monthly fee! This customer made contact with us and asked if we could ‘make changes to my website’. Even though this site was not a WordPress we’ve transferred it over and already re-developed this into a WordPress website. Yes, we’ve properly completed the Google Search work and yes the client is now getting enquiries and new business.

I want to be able to make changes to my website myself.

Training and Coaching customers to make their own changes to their website is something we’re passionate about.

Our founder, Paul McGowran, has over 25+ years in business and training. Paul is a highly accomplished accredited trainer and coach. You can be assured that you’re in safe hands and will learn easily how to manage your WordPress site.

Having the skills and confidence to make changes to your website yourself is something we’re keen to promote. If, anything this means we can support you in other exciting ways.

What does it cost to manage & maintain a website?

You’d be surprised actually…we work in a way that allows us to make it possible for you to always afford to make changes.

Whether it is spreading payments over a period of time or signing up to a monthly WordPress management plan, we have many ways to help you manage your costs.

Why not get in touch and see how we can help you make changes to your website.