The idea of a paperless office has been around for decades, it has been the holy grail of I.T.  I remember as a business student in the early 1990s being told that the paperless office would be a reality by the end of the century!  Well that didn’t happen, did it?  We were just getting going with the Internet and the World Wide Web at that time. Now, some twenty years layer, thanks to advances in cloud storage and mobile devices it is finally possible!

Paperless Office

Attach receipts and invoices to your entries in your online accounting system
Have your online filing cabinet available on any device whenever you want it
Sleep better knowing you’re doing your bit to help climate change
Reduce waste, duplication and procrastination.  Time is money!
Paperless Office in Cumbria with WindemereWebWorks

The paperless office is the end goal for all our business support services. This is the principle behind our purpose as a business and underpins the two major goals we have. Improving your profitability whilst, simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint.

Remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic showed us the way forward, it is possible? As we return to our offices old habits will return, though. Paper will be left and it can accumulate very quickly. We want to work with organisations to change behaviours and habits to actively work towards a genuine paperless office environment.

It may be something simple like a dropbox account to start with. Before you know it, you might progress to a fully integrated online filing cabinet for your business.