SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one part of a wider digital marketing strategy. We can integrate excellent SEO as part of creating a new WordPress site for you. Alternatively, if you already have WordPress site we can review your existing SEO and recommend an action plan to boost your rankings and performance. WordPress is so SEO Friendly, there is much you can easily achieve just be putting a page together. That is just a small fraction of the work involved though! Remember, change is a constant. You’ve got to be constantly working on your digital marketing. There is no resting.

In the ever changing world of search engine optimisation what has worked well may suddenly not work anymore! The algorithms change, without any update about the changes. The consequence of such a change will be that your page ranking on Google will fall away.

Staying on top of your SEO is crucial, if you take your attention away, your competitors will notice and take over your ranking. can handle this for you. We will carry out a full audit of your current strategy and your competitors strategy.

What is SEO?

There are so many different activities involved in creating excellent organic search engine results. Take a look at the image above, are you sure you are working well across all the different aspects? If not, you’re competitors will know this and will capitalise on this.

We have a fantastic method for finding those keywords that will make your SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) search engine rankings soar. Wouldn’t you like to know what your nearest competitor is doing to outrank you? We can show you.

SEO is only part of a wider digital marketing strategy, including your social media marketing. Each component impacts the others. Doing SEO alone will not achieve the results you’re looking for.