WordPress Developer Gone Away?

Your WordPress website belongs to you, not the Developer that built it for you.

I regularly find that business owners believe that the site belongs to the wordpress developer and not the business that paid for it.

What’s more, I’m finding that lots of developers have disappeared, vanished or just not doing it any more. That’s understandable, people change their jobs and move on. What’s not acceptable is when a developer moves on and leaves their clients without an admin username. This is the equivalent of locking your other half out of the house by changing the locks.

As the owner of the business you need to have full access to your site. You might not want to go to the developer all the time to make a change. WordPress is an easy platform to use. Some WordPress developers are clearly seeking to control every aspect of their clients online experience.  There is no other reason for not giving admin access.

As the owner of a WordPress site your wordpress developer answers to you, you’re in charge.  You need admin access more than your developer.  If your developer is the only admin they are fleecing you!  You will be left in the lurch if your developer vanishes.

WordPress Developers Admin Access

Take back control from your WordPress Developer

Here at windermerewebworks.com we work with clients that have been left in the lurch by their wordpress developer.  We’ve been there, the developer of one of our sites is no longer around.  We bought the business and the site and had to figure it out ourselves.

Trust that our experience will be just what you’re looking for. We specialise in WordPress Maintenance and re-vamps.

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